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Upcoming Workshops: 

Conscious Creators Workshop Series

As a conscious creator, you’re driven by meaning and purpose in your work, and strive to develop a vision for your business that extends far beyond yourself. You understand how your personal well-being is intrinsically linked to your work in the world, and the people you serve through it. 

As we enter 2021, you may be filled with visions and plans for what you want to create this year – and you aren’t alone! In this 3-part workshop series designed for purpose-driven creators, entrepreneurs and leaders, you’ll go through a holistic process of business and self-mastery.
These workshops will uplevel your “Inner Game”and prepare you with the mindset, embodiment, and strategy work to create an aligned signature offer and expand your impact through your work. (Note: these workshops are available for new and aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs and creators!)   

Envision & Design Your New Year - 2021

Well guys… it’s been a year, hey?!
Living in a world of uncertainty is one of the best reasons I can imagine to empower ourselves to create our future – and to do so together.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, we’ll dive deep into an embodied reflection & envisioning process to help you integrate the past year (no small job, I know!) and map out your magic for the year ahead. 

You’ll receive a workbook beforehand to get your creative juices flowing, and together on workshop day we’ll connect, embody, envision, move through blockages, and clear the path for you to live your magic in the coming year. 

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